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About the show…

No, it didn’t get picked up, but none of the multi-camera pilots NBC commissioned did either. They experimented with a format they hadn’t tried in a while, and then they decided to go the other way. It’s disappointing.

But nobody died.

Over the last few days, I’ve gotten calls and emails from all over the globe. Friends and family have offered some wonderful words of support and encouragement. I appreciate them all tremendously, but honestly: everything’s fine. We’re all a little sad, because it would have been a dream job with a dream cast and superdream producers. But that’s the way it goes, and I still consider it a win. I’m not trying to be some noble stiff-upper-lip Friday Night Lights guy here- it’s the truth. Great experience. Do not feel bad for me or for any of the many, many other actors/writers/producers who didn’t get a visit from Santa. We’re all still lucky people. 

And having been through this experience, I can say with confidence: if anything funny ever happens on network television, it is an accident. 

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